TraceCenter bereichert SAP um die Ermittlung von Bestandsdifferenzen in der Produktion

Our SAP add-on for efficient production data acquisition 

Betriebsdatenerfassung und Kalkulationsvergleiche in SAP

A comparison that’s worth it

The direct relationship between the resources that are used and the articles that are produced is not always obvious in the production process. Or detailed data collection is not sensible or possible with the available means. But you still want to post all of the production costs completely to individual orders - a problem that may give rise to the following questions:

  • How can I post the consumed silo materials to the orders during the day shift based on individually measured consumption? 
  • How should subsidised, and thus accountable tank material be posted in parallel to finished orders?
  • Isn’t it enough to just post the electricity consumption for the lines to the orders once at the end of each month?
  • Can production personnel who work simultaneously on several lines be posted directly to individual orders? 

Controlled production - efficient confirmation

Variances regularly occur between the planned and actual use of components and services in practice. Recording these is usually quite complicated. Process-based problems can also prevent a direct assignment of the consumed resources to individual orders. So if you can only measure your resource usage across several orders, TraceCenter has the remedy.  
Because our SAP add-on lets you map your consumptions for individual orders based on individually measured consumption and promptly. This provides you with a basis for precise and complete product and order controlling. 

Preissimulation und Losgrößensimulation durch unser SAP Add-on
Inventur leicht gemacht - Bestandsdifferenzen auf Produktionsaufträge verrechnet


Record details - identify essentials 

We have developed TraceCenter especially with the manufacturing industry in mind. It is a software solution that optimises costs and procedures for quick and comprehensive order confirmations. Our SAP add-on works on the principle of a continuous inventory. Important things can be counted more frequently (e.g. at the end of a shift), less important things less often (e.g. at the end of the week). TraceCenter allows the prompt and order-specific assignment of stock differences in production warehouses and consumed production activities. 

This second part of our “Total Variance Management” solution combines integrity, simplicity and efficiency in operating data acquisition, and thus order confirmation too. TraceCenter can make your life a lot easier if you’ve had to perform this work by hand up to now. If you post withdrawals as per bill of material specifications as backflush, stock differences can be easily cleared on production orders. 
To put it plainly, you enter the stock or activity on the line and we supply the legal options for clearing. The advantage is obvious: because a meaningful cost control is only possible if all of the production costs are entered.