CostingTracer ermöglicht eine detaillierte Abweichungsermittlung in SAP

Our SAP add-on for meaningful costing comparisons

Abweichungsanalysen einfach in SAP durchführen

A comparison that pays off

As a manager, you need significant KPI to control your business processes. It is often hard to find answers to the following questions, especially in large companies, on account of the large amounts involved and the complex relationships:

  • How will reducing the purchase price for A-components by two percent affect the plan result in the profit centres? 
  • Which price variances are expected for a business in the coming fiscal year?
  • What would ten percent increase in the value of the US dollar mean for the operating profit?
  • By how many percent would a scheduled rationalisation measure lower the production costs this year? 

Identify potentials - eliminate errors

One only has to consider the numerous possibilities of analysis and interpretation to realise just how relevant correct results are, and thus the need for an integrated and costing-based analysis and simulation software. 

Unfortunately, this is a weak spot in many companies on account of complex article structures and conceivable mass data. SAP does not offer the necessary simulation components to answer “What if” questions in a practical form. The evaluation possibilities in the existing product cost controlling modules thus do not always satisfy the high requirements of companies for whom determining potential is important.    

Our CostingTracer SAP add-on provides answers to questions of this nature and can therefore help cut costs and save time. 

CostingTracer überzeugt durch die mehrstufige Abweichungsanalyse in SAP
Ihre SAP-Erweiterung für die Mengensimulation, Preissimulation und mehr


Determine KPI - take decisions 

CostingTracer is a simple but efficient module to handle ongoing reporting requirements. The software is a fully integrated SAP add-on and the first element in the “Total Variance Management” solution from DeltaTrace. 

The program compares cost estimates with a pre-defined variance calculation based on cost estimates from the SAP standards. By decoupling data retrieval for an analysis of the results, it also supports very extensive calculations. 

Prices, tariffs, quantities or exchange rates can be adjusted just as variably as freely selectable costing lot sizes. CostingTracer gives controllers the flexibility they need to answer any question related to product cost planning.