ActualTracer sorgt für mehrstufiges SAP Controlling

Our SAP add-on for flexible variance analyses in complex production 

Vollständiges Reporting im SAP-Umfeld - mit ActualTracer

A comparison that pays

As an executive in the manufacturing industry, you have to question processes and report on results. Reliable information is essential for business decisions. But you can only answer the following questions if your reporting is clear, but nevertheless complete:

  • Why does the result of the last production accounting show such high costs?
  • Are the variances in production of our own doing or have they been caused by external factors? 
  • Is the new production line living up to expectations? 
  • What does the article cost over all stages of production - are we actually earning anything with it? 

Identify errors - avoid losses

You can only survive on the market if an article is produced to the given standards. This means that you constantly have to check your planning. The earlier you can eliminate adverse influences in production, the lower the damage will be. But how to keep on top of all the articles, assemblies, specifications, people and machines in SAP? 

What is needed here is a practical software solution that can process all of this information promptly, completely and understandably – during ongoing production, for only the big cost drivers when necessary, or concentrated on those items that display the biggest variance. Obvious when you think about it, but nowhere to be found in this form as yet in SAP ERP. 

Abweichungsermittlung in SAP - mit ActualTracer von DeltaTrace
Effizientes Auftrags-Reporting in SAP


Calculate results - find answers 

If the current reporting functions do not meet your high requirements, ActualTracer, a fully integrated SAP add-on for order controlling, is just what you have been looking for. 

Because this tool lets you keep an eye on cost factors and responsibilities, be these: 

  • Single or multi-level
  • Top-down or bottom-up
  • Shift-based or spanning periods
  • Individual orders or mass processing
  • Meaningfully condensed or related to line items

Decide for yourself what your order reporting should look like. When it comes to functions, user-friendliness and flexibility, ActualTracer sets new standards for effective SAP add-ons.